"Pastaless" Veggie Lasagna

New Year, new ways of looking at my food. I love lasagna. I make a huge batch of it about twice a year and all my friends and family love it. My mother taught me how.Her recipe was so good that people who didn’t normally care for lasagna ,loved hers. Ricotta,2-3 types of meats,various Italian cheeses,egg,spinach, nutmeg,herbs and spices….you name it. It was so rich , good and fattening. I already feel as if I’m about to explode from all the Holiday baking and food blogging.I craved it but had to find a alternative. I decided to use grilled eggplant cut lenghtwise as my”noodle”. I also made up my own sauce with a pound of ground turkey. I grilled up some zucchini as well. I made my cheese filling using my mothers version,but with fat free ricotta,part skim mozzarella, spinach(frozen,thawed,and drained of moisture), 1 egg, nutmeg, and Parmesan. I layered eggplant,the cheese filling, the zucchini , sauce,the cheese filling,and roasted red peppers, topped of with more eggplant, sauce,then grated mozzarella,Parmesan,herbs, etc.You get the picture. I’m not kidding myself that this dish is totally healthy,but one has to take baby steps first. Certain Someone whined ‘Where’s his noodles” and looked on skeptically as I ate mine. He opted for the leftover cream sauce from the night befores butternut squash ravioli,on top of some more pasta. He was to stuffed to try mine. All in all it tasted pretty good. Like a cross between Eggplant Parmesan and lasagna. I didn’t miss the pasta at all.