Cake Diva

My colleague asked me this past Wednesday if I could put together a particular cake for her daughters 14th birthday this Sunday. She then pulled out one of those TopsyCurvy cakes that are all the rage in Sugar Craft land. She knew I had taken classes and has seen my work. She’s even asked me to make her some staff gifts on occasion of cookie bouquets. With all the commotion at work she was far behind in her daughter’s grand birthday. Her little girl had definite expensive notions of what she wants. Like goodie bags filled with Juicy Couture trinkets. Yeah right. Well Mama wasn’t going to do that but we settled on a tiered Juicy Couture themed cake for her princess. I was hesitant but she said shed go to the local supermarket and get one if it was trouble. I cringed at the thought. If she likes this one maybe I get the big Quincenara cake next year! I told her I need a lot of cash for supplies. Cake decorating is expensive and I always go overboard. I found a great store that has the best in cake supplies, as well as the standard Wilton. Lori at Cake Walk is the best in that you tell her your idea and she will help you through. So I had a few nights to prep and all day Saturday to really get into it. The result is a strawberry filled top tier of 4 layers of alternating chocolate and pink tinted French Vanilla, and pink butter cream. The bottom tier is just 2 layers of French Vanilla filled with the strawberry. What is French vanilla you ask? Well most cake decorators cheat and doctor up cake mixes (Duncan Hines is my choice, and extra eggs, milk, and Jell-O brand puddings).Ask any pro and they will tell you. You need a good sturdy cake and don’t really have a lot time for mistakes. It’s all about the outside unfortunately, than the inside. One day if I get a big pro kitchen, and such I’ll start from scratch. But this is just an occasional expensive hobby that I haven’t even spent a year doing. Even Certain Someone somewhat amazed with what my little cheap Michaels craft store Wilton classes have resulted in. I love Wilton products, but I prefer Satin Ice for my fondant needs. Growing up my Mommy always gave me huge grandiose birthday parties, and I admit I had fun doing this. Did I go over the top? Yes. But that’s what the little diva waned, She has already started bragging to her friends that she has a ‘Cake Designer’. Got to love it. Now I just have to carry this heavy sucker down two flights of stairs and drive through all the big ass potholes to the burbs.