Horseradish Pecan Crusted Tilapia

by Courtney on March 27, 2008

I hope those of you who celebrated Easter had a good one. I cooked a big meal which I didn’t photograph. Nothing new just some roasted leg of lamb,potatoes,red cabbage, a patty pan squash casserole I concocted with ricotta cheese and pecan crunch, and a Cointreau souffle. We were so tired I didn’t have the energy to write or photograph. Certain Someone really liked the souffle. It wasn’t picture perfect but was tasty. We devoured 2 servings!I was depressed because I tried to make him Potato dumplings from scratch and failed miserably. That’s one my ‘Things to Master’ list. I look forward to getting a actual tutorial this summer from his mother perhaps.
Anyway, Certain Someone has been burning the midnight oil all week. So its dinner for one. After last weeks flare up about the fish he admitted he would like me to buy more white fishes like Tilapia and Halibut. Sold! So I stocked up at Costco and put them away in the freezer. Two of the ingredients I played with over Easter were Horseradish Root and Pecans. I mixed grated Horseradish root into my sour cream. Wow! So I decided to play with it as a crust. Its actually milder than you would think compared to the prepared ones you buy in the store. But if your adverse to spice this wont be for you. Here is the recipe in a simple elementary form. This was for 3 pieces of Tilapia,so adjust to your servings using my ratios as a guide.

Grate 1/4 cup fresh Horseradish root(cleaned and peeled).Take 1/4 cup pecans and crush in spice blender. Be careful as you don’t want Pecan Butter!
Add some of this flavored Old Bay(if you can get it).If not add Maldon Sea Salt, and any other spice of your choosing. Be careful with pepper as the Horseradish doesn’t need it.Toss the crumb together.

Butter or oil the baking pan (go lightly as the pecans are a oily nut). Pat crumb coating on both sides of fish. As its a moist crumb it wont adhere easily. Pat it into the fish.Bake at 450 until done(approx 15 min). Coating should be golden.
I found the flavor almost crab like. It wasn’t to peppery from the horseradish.I will try this on salmon and perhaps a cut a beef.

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