Oh Canada!

At last I’m home! I have the whole house to myself this weekend. I love my solitude. Both Certain Someone and I are only children and share this trait. By the way he was tickled pink with all of the comments about his culinary efforts in the previous post. He may actually become a monthly guest blogger.

Anyway I love Toronto! And I know I will love the the west coast and east coast of Canada as I start to visit more during the year. Not only did I work well with my colleague, who I think was separated at birth ( we are alike in many ways), but I got to meet the Man! Peter M. aka ‘The Boner King’. A good Catholic educated girl is taught never to look down below and I had a peripheral view of a T shirt that I just quickly assumed was a Burger King T shirt.I though how very Anti Foodie. But we all clicked immediately and it finally dawned on me what his shirt said!. It was all in good fun. Peter brought his camera and I had my Blackberry camera. Unfortunately mine turned out like crap and I looked like a drunk hunchback leaning into the Boner King. We all had amazing conversation and spoke about food, blogging, food, travel. food, race/culture, food , politics, food,money, food,and more food! I could have stayed hours more with my colleague but work called. Until next time.

As for food in Toronto, from what little I saw it didn’t disappoint. I love the diversity and strong Asian influence. My first meal was a Indonesian Bami Noodle dish with the most amazing fresh pepper sauce. It was at a fast food joint called called Rich Field Market. Amazing. My boss wanted to buy a jug of the sauce and vowed to recreate it. Then as chose to dine in the hotel at a pretty good Japanese Restaurant on the roof called Sagano. I started with a lychee and cherry based cocktail called a Tomokyoto and then went to a great Lychee Sake Martini.I love Lychee!
Then I was torn as to what to order. I settled on a Soft shell crab Maki roll. And then a appetizer portion of Chicken Yakitori. That totally used up my $50 per Diem but it was so worth it. I slept well after that.Upon departure I grabbed some Canadian specialties such as Ice wine( sample size packs) and of course 100 percent Maple Syrup and granules to play with in my baking endeavors. I will be back for sure.