Ghee…That’s Simple

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I’m in a quandary about what to post over the next two weeks. Certain Someone and I are getting serious about our ‘nesting weight’ . He’ll be leaving for Stockholm next week on his birthday, and I will meet him there the following week. We have a wedding to attend and I will assist him as he moves into his new summer home he purchased a few hours away from Stockholm. It will be a whirlwind week. I tried on my dress for the wedding and it “Just” fit. The dress was way roomier when I purchased it a few years back. It cost about 2 weeks salary so I am determined to loose some weight. So the next few weeks will be a lot of vegetables, fish, and chicken with maybe a end of week reward.
Today I want to talk about Ghee. Ghee has been around for forever in Indian cookery. It has many Arurvedic benefits.They say it stimulates the digestive tract, therefore aiding weight loss,enhanced glow, fries foods with less oil use, promotes general well health and being. I first was turned onto it when reading about blood type diets. Rather than buy Ghee, I make mine because its so simple.


1 lb of unsalted butter

Heat the butter very slowly in a heavy bottomed pan. When butter has melted turn up to a medium heat. It will start to boil, bubble and spurt. This is the liquids evaporating and solids separating. Do not cover the pot.Stir occasionally and reduce heat. The ghee will turn to a clear golden color. Skim off any foam . When mixture has cooled down pour into a airtight jar . Some solids may sink to the bottom. Some people discard it and some use it . Ghee has along shelf life and can stores at room temp. However to err on the cautious side store in the refrigerator. Store up to a few months.

So what did I make with Ghee tonight? I mashed a head of boiled cauliflower and garlic ( 3 cloves) with a tablespoon of ghee and 2 teaspoons of green curry paste. It was actually pretty tasty. served up alongside some boring steamed Tilapia and veggies. I drizzled a bit more ghee on top.