New Feature…Friday Cocktail Hour

I try to see the good in everybody. While most sophisticated foodies loathe Sandra Lee (I am in no way whatsoever endorsing Ms. Lee’s Semi Homemade!) with a passion, there is one segment of her show that always brings a smile to my face. For better or worse,when she says ‘It’s Cocktail Time’ and shakes her shaker I wake up and show some interest. I ” love to hate” .Most times her concoctions make me grimace ( I’m remembering a blue one she made with that awful Hypnotique to go with her blue table scape).But Sandra Lee is my inspiration for this new weekly feature.

I love a good libation and love to play with the findings in our bar. I constantly pester Certain Someone to bring me back some Duty Free booze on his travels. So I have decided to devote my Friday posts to the cocktail. What better way to unwind after a hard week, than with a cocktail?I can see why its Sandra Lee’s favorite time of the day and show. Cheers you all!
For this weeks cocktail, I used the last of my homemade Cream Limoncello for this sneaky treat! I was inspired by a dessert I saw using limoncello and raspberries. Think of this a liquid grown up dessert. Its pretty strong and sweet, so one is all you need.

Cream Limoncello and Chamborbtini

1 part Cream Limoncello

1/2 part vodka

1 drizzle of Chambord for the bottom of the glass

Shake ice, vodka, and cream limoncello in a shaker. Add a few drops of Chambord to the bottom of a martini glass. Pour mixture over and into glass.You can garnish with fresh lemon slices or raspberries.