Something New…The Turnip

It’s My 100th Post!But not a terribly exciting one.

After all that sugary goodness this week,my Certain Someone actually requested fish and some nice veggies for dinner. I still had a bit form the vegetable box. I wanted to use some large turnips but wasn’t sure sure how to incorporate with fish. I also had zucchini and a assortment of different types of tomatoes.My sudden inspiration was to mash my turnips with some butter and throw in some crumbled Feta to go with the Mediterranean style zucchini and tomatoes.I roasted my Tilapia with a brush of olive oil and smoked Paprika. Sauteed my zucchini with tomatoes,Shitakes, sun dried tomatoes and garlic and served both on a bed of Turnip Puree. Verdict: Certain Someone licked his pasta bowl clean and ate every bite. I liked my turnip puree but I felt the flavor was very strong. Maybe the Feta addition would have been more suitable with red meat.He thought it was fine.The turnips made a beautiful puree that needed no additional liquids.Turnips are a pretty underused vegetable. All in all a pretty good experiment and I will not fear the Turnip any longer.I was surprised at how filling this dish was.

Turnip Puree with Feta
1 large turnip peeled and cut into quarters
3 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons of Feta

Boil turnips until soft. Drain water. Add butter. Add salt,pepper, and Feta. Take Immersion Blender and puree. Serve alongside roasted meat of fish.