Tamale Open…The Cinco de Mayo Roundup

A while back I thought it would be fun to create a event around the tamale.I asked Ben if he’s up to cohosting and he was game.This inspiration came after a fun yet laborious evening I had making tamales. My mind started racing as to all the possibilities out there. They could be sweet or savory. The Tamale has a rich history and its interesting to note how the ingredients change and vary to region. They are not exclusive to Mexico alone. Versions of their corn meal based packet can be found in the Caribbean,Central America, and the Mississippi Delta.Some wrapped in corn husks, and some in Banana leaves. The people of these regions adapted this and made it their own. But we associate the Tamale with Mexico.I had hoped there would be more entries for this.It became apparent Tamales are intimidating to a lot of people. The time, ingredients,and effort tend to put people off. Its easier admittedly to buy them. But there is nothing like enjoying your fresh made tamale that you crafted.I promise the effort is worth it. So we may only have a few entries, but they are stunning entries from all over the globe. I applaud all of you for the effort and depths you went through to participate.Most of the entries of variations of the Tamale. The main requirement is that was Masa based dish. I vow the Tamale Open will be back…
Andele… Let the festivities begin…

Our first entry is from Lisa Rene @ Unique Little Bits.She made a enticing Charred Pepper Pupusa.I don’t think a vegetarian or carnivore can resist these grilled bits.Wouldn’t these be nice starters for our Cinco De Mayo Cookout with a Golden Margarita?

Our second entry came all the way from the UK. Pixie from You Say Tomato I Say Tomato took the train all the way into London Town to secure the ingredients for her authentic Tamales. She mistakenly didn’t feel she did them justice, but I as well as many others are super impressed. Way to go Pixie. You Rock. Lets take a shot of Tequila on this.

The lovely Gabi from The Feast Within thought she was too late but managed to create this delectable entry of Chile Garlic Butter Shrimp on Masa Blinis. They just scream good summer eating outside with a peach Margarita on the side.

Megan from Megans Cookin jumped at the chance to make her man some Chili Verde Sopas. She diplomatically combined their preferences( he ‘s into Chile Verde and she likes her Carnitas) for a fab dish. I just want to sop this up with a nice chilled Cerveza.They must be a great couple because this dish works.

And last but not least…Moi. I decided to offer up a tasty dessert of Banana Chipolte Pineapple Tamales. Since I had already made tamales previously, I decided to explore a sweeter route steamed in Banana leaf. I think I need some coffee with this and maybe a slug of Kahlua .

So here’s our limited but Muy Delicioso Roundup.Now lets go over to Ben’s Place to vote. He will be setting up a poll this week. The winner will get great this great prize below. If by chance the winner is outside the US, I will replace the spice element with another.
Thanks you all for participating and reading!