Be It Ever So Humble There Is No Place Like Home.

I’m back. A delayed arrival due to spending the night stranded yesterday in JFK. Sleeping in airports is not fun. Certain Someone had a direct flight back and was ensconced cosily at home waiting for me when I called to tell him of the cancellation from JFK to Chicago. Due to my work ,rates, etc. we had booked separate flights . Have you ever slept in a cold airport on a bench with a bunch of stinky grouchy people?People fighting for personal space and peace.Grumpy airline workers getting attacked by frustrated passengers.I felt homeless almost or like Tom Hanks in that movie Terminal.Anyway I’m home. 20 hours of delays, missed connections, and incompetence going to Sweden and over 24 hours of the same coming back. Mother Nature has been relentless in the Midwest. I wont name airlines but a certain national carrier is not very nice on the communication and customer service front. Finally after several tantrums I got a little something(some food vouchers) from my tantrums, especially as I witnessed my flying companion over from Helsinki and others getting vouchers . I understand weather issues, but they just f***** up my tickets,lost my bags, and other issues along the way causing more confusion.Broke, hungry , and stinky I plunged into a hot tub and slept when I got home. I prayed no one would see me. I actually saw a famous companion of a certain billionaire talk show/media queen in the wee hours at a gate leaving for Bermuda.I have a picture of us together at party from a while back.I need to get cooking again and catch up with all of you guys. Bear with me as I get settled this week. It’s good to be home.Beautiful week in Sweden but lousy travel.I guess you cant have everything. But there are some angels out there looking out along the way .