Sunday Dinner, Another Wedding, and More Travel Woes

So this week I have been kind of AWOL. I have tried to keep up with my reader . My cooking attempts have been dismal. I wont even describe it.But I hadn’t been grocery shopping yet since our return and needed to use what was on hand. Friday evening I caught another flight to Washington D.C for my cousins wedding. She was a former Miss Maryland and first runner up in Miss America. Not only had I lost my cooking mojo, but the travel curse continued. I was calmly informed that my flight was delayed and I would miss my connection in Detroit( it was the cheapest fare!).I almost secretly sighed oh goody , I get to turn around and crawl back to my sweet bed and have a weekend to me!But no, the most efficient airline agent got me on direct flight with my nemesis airline of last week. So I had to go. But more delays and I finally arrived at BWI .I crawled into the hotel bed at 3:00am finally and had to wake for a early morning wedding. I don’t recognize my hometown at all. Downtown Silver Spring is not what I remembered from 10 years ago.There was some film festival going on connected with the Discovery Center.Lobby talk was of being in Tokyo, So Ho, Tribeca,Sydney etc. on their documentary assignments.Since when did Silver Spring become so glamorous? I guess you cant really go home again. The bride was gorgeous naturally and all the aunts started grilling me as to when I would become legal. You know the usual good natured meddling. I was the oldest cousin and still single. Certain Someone wasn’t there because he was stretched to thin with work, time , etc after the events of the past few weeks. It was all just to much going on. We left the hotel that night /morning at 3:30am to catch or early 6:00 am flights. I had been riding in my youngest aunts rental car. We missed our exit and turned around only to be slammed in the rear by some young kids rushing to their internships at 4:00 am. More drama , but no serious injuries or damage. When the police came I had to chuckle when my aunt started with why we were here, to attend the former Miss Marylands wedding,surely you know her,etc. The officers admitted he didn’t keep up with the beauty pageant circuit. We made our flights down to the wire and alas I’m home.After eating crap all week I wanted a nice home cooked meal.

I decided to take the last of the pork loin in the freezer and cook it like Certain Someones mother taught me . Only I took extra measures and studded it with garlic gloves, added my own rub of spices and juniper berries on top with rosemary, and then baked it in a bed of salt. Nuria did a post on this last week. Its an amazing way to cook meat. Missing Sweden I served it alongside with Ligonberries. I also made a nice egg noodle dish with cream, leeks, oyster mushrooms, red peppers and a fine drizzle of Black Truffle oil. Certain Someone said I got my cooking mojo back and all is right with the world.