Taking A Brief Break

Hey Guys. A lot is going on this week. I haven’t had time to visit or post.I started working nights in the kitchen at the caterer and the day job is getting tough. But most important and on my mind, is that Mama Roxy isn’t doing well and it just a matter of time.For those of you who read this blog I wrote about her once. She is my work mother and the original Glamah, if there ever was one. I had planned this day on meeting Jen at A2Eatwrite who is visiting Chicago with her family. Earlier I was informed Mama Roxy was in the hospital, but hadn’t realized she was declining so quickly. We were summoned to say our goodbyes.It was hard for me to digest and Jen was very understanding as we walked up Michigan Ave and talked. She came to the hospital with me, we had tea, and I braced myself to go up to ICU.All the memories of my mother and father dying in that’s same hospital came flooding back to me. When I saw her I just broke down. But seeing all my old team and colleagues up in the room was comforting. Her daughter started a blog this morning to work through things. It will be a lovely tribute to her.
I will be back to my old self, but just need to withdraw a bit for few days. See you soon.