A Work In Progress…Pandan Sorbet and Pandantini

I got to playing around this weekend. While rummaging through my pantry I found a can of Pandan Leaves Extract I had purchased a while ago for a cake. It costs around 86 cents. In this heat I wasn’t up to cake so I thought of a sorbet. Unfortunately my freezer bowl for the ice cream maker wasn’t ready. I immediately put it in the freezer for some hours and started on the base to refrigerate in the interim. Basically I made simple syrup which I later combined with some Cream of Coconut, Coconut extract, and a bit of Matcha powder. The color was an algae green color, but the taste was good. I cranked it up in the ice cream maker but I didn’t see it starting to freeze at all. So back in bowl over night with and occasional check and stir. In the morning it was frozen in that sugary slushy sort of way. Not as solid as I wanted but sorbet texture. I cranked it in the freezer bowl again (which I put back in overnight) and the color turned from algae green to frothy pale green. The aerating increased the volume by a third at least. Back in the freezer it went. As I tried to photograph it, it melted fast. But the taste was pretty good. Maybe I will cut back on the sugar to get a more clear taste. I also thought it would make a great base for a frozen cocktail. So I added a shot of vodka, and more ice with a few scoops of sorbet to the blender. What I got was Pandantini. Both the sorbet and the drink would be good chillers to relax in the heat. I cant find my recipe book with sorbets for the ice cream maker, so I’m trying to see what may I have missed to not get the consistency more firm. Sorbets are delicate. I’m wondering if it was the extract. Good thing I didn’t add rum to the original base as planned.
Pandan Sorbet
1(14 fl oz) can Pandan Leaves Extract
2 2/3 cups sugar
3 cups water
2/3 cup Cream of Coconut (The milky creamy type in a can used as a base for Pina Coladas/non alcoholic)
1 teaspoon Coconut Extract
1 teaspoon Matcha Powder
Boil water and sugar together to form a simple syrup( approx 10 min). Add Pandan Leaves extract, Cream of Cococnut, coconut extract, and matcha. Whisk until incorporated. Refrigerate until cool. Place in a bowl and freeze. Once it starts to freeze stir occasionally to mix. Freeze several hours until frozen. Place in a frozen freezer bowl from you ice cream maker. Churn to aerate and until color changes to a paler frothy color of green.

So I’m sending these creations to two events. First The lovely Dhanggit is celebrating her baby’s 1st birthday and she wants some Perfect Party Dishes.I’m sure she can serve up both .(Drinks just for the grown ups!)

And then the Pandantini is going over to Diary of a Fantatic Foodie. She is having a Front Porch Cocktail event.

Party On everyone!