Asian Crispy Roast Chicken Salad

I both love and hate salads. A salad really has to rock and capture my attention. Spare me a bland lunch time salad offering. Sometimes the most prep work on ingredients that go into a salad yields a better salad. Otherwise in most cased we have boring, sometimes soggy messes. This morning I woke up not knowing what to so with some chicken in the freezer that I knew would have to me my dinner.
I tossed a packet of some Chinese marinating powder I pick up from time to time. Its made with dehydrated shrimp, and spices and really transforms chicken.I totally picked up this tip from Jaden at Steamy Kitchen and am addicted. There are many types of marinaded and seasoning packet ts to find in the aisles of an Asian grocer. The fun part is reading the labels and trying to figure it out . I had half a head of Napa Cabbage and some string beans that needed to used or chucked soon. I parboiled the beans and chilled them with some thinly sliced raw scallions. I also chopped the cabbage and set to chill. I roasted my chicken thighs with skin on a rack over a pan in the oven . This allowed the fat to drip out and yield a crispier skin. When done I let the thighs cool to room temp to settle. I didn’t have sesame oil so I improvise a quick taste dressing of 1 part olive oil, 1/2 part sweet chili sauce,and a smidgen of fresh diced ginger. Whisk up and you ready to go. Assemble on a plate or bowl the cold chilled Napa Cabbage, string beans, scallions. Top with sliced chicken with skin. Drizzle with dressing and your set.
Can it say it was delicious?! Maybe not the most healthy because of the use of dark meat and skin, but oh so flavorful and juicy. I don’t think this would have worked so well with a boring breast.Play around and see for yourself. The key in the marinade and crispy skin.I am going to submit this one to Jadens contest too. It can be a 15 minute meal if you use store bought rotisserie chicken.