Roasted Vegetables on Squid Ink Spaghetti

I have been a bad blogger this week. OK, I posted twice last weekend, but I have been slow in visiting others and commenting. This was an intense week at work with all my focus going towards a presentation. And I’m a wee bit lonely. Certain Someone is still in Sweden and his trip has now been extended until the end of next week. Work! On top of all that I’m not really inspired. I normally don’t mind cooking for one, but I’m just not in the mood or can think of anything blog worthy. I’m in more an artistic mood and have been working with some gum paste deigns to add to a cake, if I ever get motivated or an occasion.

Tonight I just threw this together. In that artistic frame of mind ,I was more motivated by the colors of veggies against the black squid ink pasta rather than taste. Although it was good! But who hasn’t had buttered and oiled spaghetti . Takes me back to those starving student days. I just threw in some balsamic roasted veggies for a twist. Until the next time….