Do You Love Oysters? I Do.

With life getting so busy I forgot to tell you all about this great contest over at Marx Foods.There are still 5 days to enter and its really easy. Check it out! And if you enter please tell them I sent you in your comment entry!

Win Four Dozen Fresh Oysters

What would you do with 4 dozen free oysters?
The best answer wins 48 fresh Puget Sound oysters!
Contest Dates: October 2 – 19
If we were to send you 4 Dozen fresh Puget Sound Oysters, what would you do with them?
TWO WAYS TO WIN:1. Leave your answer in the comment section below. Be delicious (see comment
#19), funny (#13), sensual (#43), poetic (#46), or tug on our heart strings (#39).2. Refer the most contestants to this contest. Pass this on to family and friends or via your blog. Make sure to tell them to leave your name in the “referred by” field. The person who makes the most referrals will also win a fresh oyster sampler.
THE PRIZE:Four Dozen Fresh Puget Sound Oysters and a set of
Biodegradable Plates. The oyster sampler will include one dozen each of Pacific Oysters, Kumamoto Oysters, Virginica Oysters, and Olympia Oysters.
HOW WILL THE WINNER BE CHOSEN?Our readers will vote on the finalists! The polls will be open October 21 – 24 @ noon PST, and a winner will be announced on Monday, October 27.
Read the contest rules