I’m 40 Today and Fabulous!

Dear Darlings ,
I’m off to celebrate this milestone in my life. Certain Someone is whisking me to the Bahamas (Grand Bahama) where we will soak up the sun, drink, play golf, snorkel, eat,ride horses, and all sorts of other things.But mainly rest and enjoy each others company.40 is the new 30 , and my life is so much more interesting now , than it was then. Everyone needs a Certain Someone in their life. And don’t despair to all those who are still looking, I didn’t meet him until I was 37 and had kissed a few frogs.My only regret now, is my weight isn’t what it was, but that can always be worked on (difficult when one blogs about food). People say I can pass for younger , so that’s excellent.I am still “Cougarlicious” . I will catch you all later when I return all relaxed.