Sitting on Top Of The World… Election Night From Chicago

Wow! What can I say that anyone else hasn’t about the historical evening last night? The whole world waited with baited breath. You could not have planned a more perfect evening. The weather was perfect, the crowds were orderly, but packed, and all of Chicago was on stage for the worlds to see. Never has a election impacted worlds order such as this. And talking back with some friends,family, and colleagues, who would have thought this everyday man, Barack Obama would one day become president! We all have stories of making small talk and encounters with him in his family whilst living in Hyde Park Chicago. Even as his star rose, he was humble and accessible. Unbelievable. I’m proud for my country and I’m proud for this remarkable achievement for my race. You cant ignore the racial milestone this is being black. All the more so for me having an African father and American mother. I am fortunate to work in a place that was and still is trailblazing in civil rights and media and goods catering to people of color. Our headquarters are located right across the street from Grant Park. Certain Someone and our guest from Austria, Christoph were my guest . We had rally tickets for two, and I got Christoph tickets for the raging party going on at the next door Hilton sponsored by Jesse Jackson Jr. Ironically we all chose to stayed perched in our comfortable surroundings on the 10th floor balcony with a view to kill for. We could see and hear it all. At that moment I felt I was in the center of the world. Occasionally we would go down to street level to gage the pulse of the crowds. Our companies lobby was a beacon to all the well wishers who were drawn to all the Obama magazines, and products.
This is not Certain Someone! But our houseguest Christoph.
Taking pictures from the height and in the dark with all the city lights was difficult. But Certain Someone took some passable ones.But here’s are some from our view. I wish my departed loved ones had lived to see this. And I pray for Obama on this long hard road ahead. But I am so grateful I could witness this once in a lifetime miracle.