12 Days Of Cookies A Gourmet Cookie Extravaganza…Benne Wafers

Hey! You’re still with me on Day 2 of this cookie extravaganza? Great! We still got 10 more to go! On the second day of Christmas Glamah baked for me…Benne Wafers and Navettes Sucrees! This recipe was the first one I chose to bake. I had never heard of Benne Wafers before. I knew I had some sesame seeds sitting in my pantry from a Daring Baker challenge. They are caramelized cookies with benne seeds( sesame seeds). Benne Wafers are popular in South Carolina and other southern parts.Benne seeds are known as the seeds of good luck! seemed easy and minimal. I didn’t even research this one before, just choosing to stick to Gourmet.com version that was published in November 1954. Don’t they look pretty? Well all hell broke lose before I photographed this. I mixed up the batter that curiously only called for 2 tablespoons of flour. I did use dark brown sugar rather than light, because that’s what I had.I flattened the spoonfuls down on buttered parchment with a knife dipped in ice water. When I came to take them out they had spread into one thin sheet. I was about to toss them but grabbed a round cutter and cut the thin mess while warm. They cooled down to a buttery almost brittle like cookie. I tore away the scraps and from the cutter and ended up with a quite a few presentable wafers! Good thinking. I googled this cookie and found most modern recipes call for way more flour( like cups!)Oh well. I have to say these were tasty and crispy. A unusual treat for cookie boxes this holiday season.

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