12 Days Of Cookies A Gourmet Cookie Extravaganza…Brandy Snaps

On the 12th Day of Cookies( and the last) Glamah baked for me Brandy Snaps! I was drawn to the photo in Gourmet immediately. They looked so elegant, and for some odd reason I assumed they had alcohol in them.I remedied that by adding to Cointreau to the cooked batter.This batter is entirely cooked on top of the stove and then baked . Several of my Cookie Pals tried this recipe and had some issues with it. But from what I saw of their results , I was undeterred. They all looked so good still. Published in July 1949, this recipe reminded me more of a confection than a cookie.I love molasses and ginger, so those strong flavors didn’t put me off. I can see this cookie being a nice digestive after dinner with tea. Molasses and ginger have wonderful healthful properties. So on this last day of cookies , weary from a crappy day at work, I attempted this. And you know, I didn’t have much issues. I used parchment so buttering the cookie sheet was unnecessary. After a few torn snaps, I let them cool a bit before using my nimble fingers and the wooden spoon to form while warm but pliable. I really love the presentation of these . I can see them served up with ice cream, sorbets, tea, coffees, and even holiday cheese and fruit trays.
Thank you all for reading these 12 Days Of Cookies posts. I haven’t blogged consecutively like that before, and it was a challenge. Certain Someone is relieved that all this cookie madness is over.But I don’t regret doing this. I made some new friends and learned a lot. If anything it reinforced that I love to bake. And for 12 days I was able to spread some holiday cheer with the fruits of my labor. Certain Someone and I leave for Germany next week and I wont be blogging for the last two weeks of December, but I will squeeze maybe one or two post before then. A big thanks to my Cookie gang and Andrea for inviting me. I know we screamed about these recipes and Gourmet but it was all in good fun. Nothing was wasted as it can all be salvaged and put to use later.I would suggest the folks at Gourmet give their editors test kitchen notes if they decide to publish vintage recipes in the future. We realize there was a disclaimer, but some insight into how they adapted these recipes to modern kitchens would be welcome.
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