12 Days Of Cookies A Gourmet Cookie Extravaganza…Brown Butter Cookies

On the fourth day of Christmas Glamah baked for me… Brown Butter Cookies, Chocolate Meringue Biscuits,Benne Wafers, and Navettes Sucrees! I was intrigued by the simplicity of this recipe. The Daring Bakers had used brown butter in the last challenge and I loved the aroma. As I mentioned in previous posts, the older cookie recipes on Gourmet.com don’t list the ingredients and caused me some confusion as you just read the recipe.Brown Butter Sugar cookies were published in June 1961. I browned the butter and mixed up the dough. Again a dry dough like I had with Sugar Shuttles! But upon close reading I see that I only used 1/2 cup rather than 1 cup of butter. I don’t like the measurements for butter given in cups. Give me tablespoons!Anyway I added some more browned butter and formed the cookies. I didn’t have the blanched almond they used as topping, but in a sudden burst of inspiration I added some leftover cashew praline to the tops. Imay have just over cooked them. Bake time is 20 minutues, however I pulled them out just in time. The texture of this cookie reminds me of Pecan Sandies. Wonderful and crumbly.Be careful when packing these cookies in your holiday gift boxes.

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