Bone In Veal Breast Roasted In A Salt Bed

With Certain Someone back for a while before he jets off again, I find myself a carnivore for once.I have posted a few times here about Certain Someones mothers pork roast which is prepared in a salt bed. Wanting to expand on that theme and writing about it here, I decided to try another cut of meat. Veal breasts are relatively inexpensive and can be very delicious. One can buy them with the bone in or out. If the bones are out , veal breast work great stuffed.You will find all sorts of recipes for veal breast in Italian, German and other European cuisines. I love bones and roasting with them in imparts a whole another dimension. Veal breasts can be fatty, but yields a lot meat in the brisket like section.
This veal breast was simply prepared with a rub of lemon juice and some Penzeys Bavarian Seasoning blend( crushed brown mustard, rosemary, garlic, thyme,bay leaves, and sage),cracked black pepper, and studding of garlic cloves throughout. Place meat in a cast iron skillet or roasting pan. Take a container of salt and pour it around the meat. The meat should not lie on top of the salt, the salt should only surround it. Salt aides in retaining the moisture in the meat, while drawing out fats. The cut of meat draws the just enough salt it needs for flavor. Believer it or not, the meat does not come out salty. The ancient Chinese developed this way of cooking with salt . Roast the veal for 2 hours or more at 350F uncovered, depending on size. Remove from oven and allow to sit to settle.Slice and serve.
Notice how juicy the meat is upon carving.
Cooking with salt crusts works great for whole fish, chicken, and beef as well. The fish is usually covered in salt. The Chinese cover the chicken in a flour, salt,and water crust and bake.

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