Gimme That Marble Rye

I am trying to branch out in bread making skills. Rather than the usual supplies of All purpose flour, I have invested in some Rye Flours and Pumpernickel. One of my most favorite breads to order in a deli is a marble rye.The pretty swirls and texture make for excellent sandwiches.Marble Rye is an American style bread popular in the Jewish delicatessens. This bread varies from the European rye’s which tend to be denser and undergo a completely different baking process. I used King Artur’s website for the recipe. Rather than the deli rye flavor the recipe called for, I used their Heidelberg Rye Sour . The dough is pretty simple and is actually one dough. The darker part of the bread is the the addition of caramel color kneaded into the 2nd half of the dough and swirled together.My swirls didn’t come out perfect but the it was just as good.A good 3 hour of prep and you have a loaf ready to go. In reading about rye, did you know Pumpernickel which is just a coarser rye flour means ‘devils fart’ if you break it down in German. Pumpen meaning flatulence and Nickle meaning devil or demon .Just thought I would share that with you all.
Here is the link to the recipe from the King Artur’s site.This is also a submission for this months BYOB.

Another thing I always associate with marble rye is this classic scene from Seinfeld. Sorry for the Spanish subtitles , but this was the only clip I could find. Enjoy.