Pineapple Jerky: A review.

A few weeks backs I was asked to review some products from I am shameless. I love to review books and food. I find nothing wrong with it and its the perk of being a blogger while introducing me to new things. At first I thought I was going to get some meat type of jerky. Certain Someone love jerky and is very picky, so I thought he would love to sample with me. But hes been gone. so nix that. What I actually got was new product from them called Pineapple jerky.
I love dried fruit , but sometimes you find them coated with sugar. Especially pineapple. This was a slice of heaven. Just the right amount and thickness and natural sweetness.I got my package while rushing to pick Certain Someone up from the airport. Blood sugar was a little low and this was the perfect reviver.The taste was pure sweet pineapple. The only additive was honey. I also took a sample to work one morning and found it made a great quick morning snack with some hot tea.If fruit is not your thing check out their vast array of meat snacks ranging from ostrich , venison,elk, buffalo, turkey,and beef jerky. Or better yet, get a combo pack.