Real Housewives Cocktail Contest…The Countess’ Cherry Lime Gin Rickey

If I had to relate to anyone on Bravos Real Housewives franchise it would be the Countess. What can I say, she’s great, Like a tall glass of lemonade that keeps going even when life throws some merde her way and her cast mates aren’t always the most gracious. LuAnn gets a lot of flack in democratic America for supposedly flaunting her title. But come on, most people would. Some old Glamah lore is that I hung around a few titled folks in my Paris school days, and the allure is there no matter how nonchalant you try to be. Its fascinating when one can trace their families achievements and scandals for hundreds, even thousands of years.The Countess earned that title being the consummate wife while her Count was off wheeling and dealing for the most part. Another aspect I relate to heavily as Certain Someone spends a great amount of time away for his work.
I chose to make a Gin Based drink with the Countess as my muse.Gin has been produced commercially for over 400 years and goes well with fruit.When I think of Gin I think of Old Line, Class, and another era. Naturally I used Gordon’s which is by Appointment to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth , the grandest title of them all.I made the drink more fun and common with the addition of lime juice and cherries. I can see The Countess drinking this while watching the polo at Bridgehampton or even sitting by her pool as she plots out the next chapters of her life without the lowdown Count.So raise you glass to the housewife with the most class.
There is still time darlings to enter The Real Housewives Cocktail Contest. You have until June 20th!
(Absolutely no affiliation with Bravo TV, just good ole food blogging fun).

The Countess’ Cherry Lime Gin Rickey
*thanks to Kayce for the inspiration and advice
6 organic cherries pitted
Juice of 1 organic lime
1 shot glass of Gordon’s Gin
2 tablespoons of simple syrup
Crushed ice
Club Soda or Seltzer Water
Muddle the cherries, lime and simple syrup in a tall glass. Top with Crushed ice.Pour in Gin and top off with Club Soda. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Historical Trivia on the origin of the Countess title.