Apple Butter Bourbon Pie …My Entry For The Bucktown Apple Pie Contest

It’s that Time of year again. I’m on my way to deliver my pies to the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest. Last Year I made Semi Finals. Always stiff competition. I’m up against Beth this year too!
I’M loving Bourbon right now. My favorite person on Twitter. Mr. Oxford Falls turned me onto Jim Beam Red Stag, a cherry infused bourbon. Do I decided to make my pies with a non traditional Puff Pastry crust and Michigan Gala Apples caramelized in brown sugar, vanilla, mace and Bourbon. Yes I made 2 batches of puff pastry from scratch for this. After a egg wash I sprinkled some sugar on the tops.Last night I had a cocktail at the Gage that tasted like my pie filling. Vanilla Bourbon served up with apple puree, a cinnamon rim and caramel lolli pop. Conformation.! Send me good vibes please.
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