We Bake Bon Appetit…Day 2: Hazelnut – Butter Cookies With Chocolate Chips

Who doesn’t love a good Chocolate Chip Cookie? When I saw this recipe for Hazlenut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips on Bon Appetit’s Holiday Slide Show I was sold. Certain Someone even had a few of these. I have never been a fan of nuts in my baking. But Hazelnuts, Almonds, and pecans are the exception. Oh and Pistachios! OK , maybe I need to revise this. What I haven’t been a fan of in baking is peanuts, And I have seen many a good cookie ruined with Peanut Butter, But a Hazelnut Butter? Now we are talking!
Baking cookies over 12 days is costly, and I was not trying to add any more expense than I had to. Rather than but Hazlenut butter, I decided to make my own with the scant amount of hazlenuts I had in my cupboard. I added a few almonds too and blended it up with a drizzle of vegetable oil to form a paste( like making a hazelnut praline). I confess I threw in a tablespoon of Nutella too to make up the difference! Nutella is not hazelnut butter , but a spread of hazelnut chcolate, and milk. It couldn’t hurt. I also did not have mini chocolate chips , and used regular dark chocolate chips.
These cookies baked up to perfection! Really buttery and crips. The nut oils with the butter yielded a excellent crisp texture. Be sure to follow the directions and chill the dough for the 2 hours required before baking. You can find the recipe here.

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