61st Farmers Market Demo on Canning

I was fortunate to get invited back to the 61st Street Farmers Market to do another demo. I’m quite honored as the market attract some pretty heavy hitters in the Chicago culinary world. For this opportunity I decided to talk about canning and preserving the taste of summer . I spoke about two recipes I posted before, Giardiniera and Bread and Butter Pickles. Enjoy the videos. Each is about 10 minutes in length. Certain Someone was kind enough to film. The first frames sound is a little off but the majority of the clip is much better. My favorite part is naturally towards the end and the satisfaction and delight the people had tasting my Giardinirera and Pickles.

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11 thoughts on “61st Farmers Market Demo on Canning

  1. Louise

    GREAT demo Courtney. You were awesome! Calm, cool, collected and brimming with knowledge! Congrats on a job well done. A shout out to your wonderful “cameraman,” he’s tops!!!

  2. Memoria

    Look at you!! You’re a true pro! You explained the canning process so well. I would have been so nervous, but you were so relaxed and knowledgeable.

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