A Week of Stylish Swedish Dinners With Family and Friends

There is something about Stockholm. When we landed close to midnight last Sunday evening, I felt I was home. It’s been two years since my last visit to the Land Of The Midnight Sun. However its Autumn now and the days are getting colder and darkness falls earlier and earlier.

The colorful berries are still present but the beautiful assortment of Chanterelles and other mushrooms are in profusion. Dare I say it, I’m eating better here in Stockholm than in Rome. Fresh, clean simple flavors served in cutting edge Swedish design. While Swedes may long for more spice, I found the simplicity wholesome and fresh. 

Dagmar and her husband, of Cat In The Kitchen were gracious to invite Certain Someone and I to dinner in her gorgeous home in walking distance from the sea. Anne of Annes Food showed up with adorable Baby Titus and her husband. Can I say I’m love little Titus, and Dagmars house.  Titus is such a fun baby with a healthy refined appetitite. He stayed up with the big folks and then came to say goodnight in his Cinnamon bun pajamas. Look at Dagmar’s kitchen! Dagmars excellent Swedish Meal was outstanding and she claimed it was her first time serving such.You know we sometimes wonder  in the food blogger world if the person really has kitchen chops. Dagmar does. I hope to be able to come come back more frequenrtly to enjoy the girls company in the future. Here was Dagmars traditional Swedish menu. Did I also mention she effortslty pulled this off on a Monday night before jetting off for work in Coppenhagen? I’m grateful.

  •  SOS for starters (sill,ost,smör i.e. herring, västerbotten cheese, butter. Served with crisp bread and snaps).

  •  Chanterelle risotto

  •  Veal steak

  •  Dessert ofsmåländsk ostkaka(a Swedish cheese cake originally from Småland. Made with home made cheese. Served with different jams, berries and whipped cream).

Some of you may not know I have family in Sweden.My father’s closest brother lived here and had three sons. The brothers communicated throughout their lives sending photos and letters of their respective families and yet hadn’t seen each other for years. When my father died I felt a cosmic pull to seek them out and we meet some years ago. I hadn’t seen them since the last visit five years ago. My cousins are very busy and successful with their own families now and I was so happy everyone now lived in Stockholm proper. My Aunt is a whiz on the computer and has been following Coco Cooks and had kept up with me over the years. I was so surprised. She pulled out my late uncles extensive collection of photos from the brothers early days in Europe in the Sixties. The black and white photos of  Nigerian scions from a prominent family studying and playing in Europe were fantastic to see.All were to go into medicine or some branch in various countries around the world. I had never seen those photos and gained more insight into my illustrious family.Fortunately my Aunt  is a great host of information. I was happy to introduce Certain Someone to my fathers side at last. He and the cousins clicked immediately, spoke Swedish, and I could tell they would be good friends with similar interests. My cousins wife was there with thier beautiful daughter. Even though we are many hues and nationalities, the genetic resemblances were strong. Looking at everyone I felt  happy , centered, and content .  My aunt served another traditional Swedish Dinner for us:
  • A starter of salmon rolls, Chanterelle and Reindeer tarts, salad with shrimp
  • Jansson’s Temptation a  rich potato and anchovy dish
  • Meatballs and sausages
  • And an almond and berry cake with coffee.

*A note on the photos. Maybe I’m overwhelmed or finding it difficult to focus, but I’m not having a good relationship with the camera on this trip. I’m relying on Certain Someone to capture most moments. I hope these photos do the incredible meals some justice.

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7 thoughts on “A Week of Stylish Swedish Dinners With Family and Friends

  1. Heather

    I can’t believe you’re blogging while on vacation! I totally know what you mean about wondering if bloggers can really cook irl, or if they’re only really good at photography! 😀 I always get nervous when people who only know me from the internet come over to my house to see what I can really do (or not!).

  2. Dagmar

    I’m so happy that you came and visited us. It was so nice to see you both and you’re always welcome! I really do hope we’ll meet more often!

  3. Lori Lynn

    The menu sounds awesome. I am obsessed with chanterelles. I want to find recipes. So great that you connected with family there.

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