Krumkakes… A Saveur Cookie Challenge

by Courtney on December 8, 2010

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Krumkake has been on my radar for years. The only thing preventing me making some was the lack of equipment. On Ebay I found a old school cast iron Krumkake iron  and won the the bid for $16 plus shipping. The price coming in far less than a new  electric Krumkake maker.

Krumkakes are a crisp Norwegian cookie that according to my friend Becca is a the predecessor to the waffle cone. At this time of year, especially in areas full of Norwegian descendants, they yearn for Krumkakes , just like Grandma used to make. Well my grandmothers weren’t Norwegian, but Nigerian and American,but I can understand the longing. After the initial fail rate of badly burnt Krumkakes, I got the hand and managed to to make some pretty respectable cookies. Lacking the cone shaped Krumkake former, I used cannoli tubes and a pointed turkey baster. I got a more cannoli shaped cookie.

The intricate designs didn’t transfer as strong as I would have liked. I’m assuming this was due the age and wear and tear of the iron. But nevertheless, I was very satisfied. I filled my cookies with Whipped Cream infused with Apricot Brandy and stabilized with Dr. Otekers Whip It. Don’t fill your Krumkake until you are ready to eat. The shells keep for a few days in a airtight container.

As I said before . dont get discouraged. After a few you will get the hang of it. See.They are really delicious and just crumble in your mouth. So delicate, so be careful.

The cardamon scented batter is quite thick and all you need is tablespoon full per cookie.

Click here for the recipe and enjoy! Be sure to check out my other baking friends. We have been through Gourmet, and Bon Appetite. This year we chose a cookie a week from Nick Malgieri’s choices at Saveur.

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