Coco Questionnaire 5 Questions with Denise Vivaldo



Chances are you are familiar with Denise Vivaldo’s work, even if you don’t realize it. She’s the behind the scenes cog that keeps that wheel of food going. Chef, caterer, spokesperson, teacher, consultant, producer, author, and now food stylist. She’s in IT, knows  IT, and everyone that matters in food. I own several of Denise’s books .  I suggest you order them as they are fonts of information.

The Food Stylist’s Handbook

How to Start a Home -Based Catering Business

And some other great titles.

1) What was you toughest food related job?

I think most food jobs are fun- even when they are hard. I love cooking and organizing…

If you are detailed oriented – whether it be catering or styling- it takes lists, lists, and more lists. And double checking every move.

I think the food is easy- it’s the 100 other moving parts that are hard! 

Van, staff, stylists, props, budgets.
Harder than cooking!
2) What do you look for in a client at this level in your career?

I look for clients that appreciate my talent and pay quickly.

I do not have time for snotty and cheap. 
3) What’s your favorite travel destination in the world?

I have been almost around the world…..I love to travel. And working in other countries is exciting.

But, actually my favorite destination is not Paris, Venice, Bangkok or Singapore- it’s my cute blue house with my husband and two big, doggies in LA.
I live on a magnolia tree lined street. It’s charming.
4) Who has had the largest culinary influence on you?

Without a doubt – Julia Child and Anne Willan. I was lucky and met them early in my career.

I witnessed women that clearly loved what they did- and worked hard.
The both loved to teach!

5) What if anything, along your culinary path would you change?

What would I change? I never slept with the right people! There was a rich, chicken  heir? A famous chef! I passed up the casting stove!

Too late now- I’m stuck with what I got-my thighs have gone south!!!
Thank You Denise,