Marzipan Petit Fours For Easter, A Time of Resurrection

paiting medallionsEaster is upon us. The most important religious holiday for Christians as it symbolizes Resurrection. If you don’t practice Christianity, spring time is about renewal and hope. That is why this holiday is the most energizing and inspiring time for me. New colors, new foods, new looks. It’s about a fresh start and forgiveness. When I think about where I am merging art, lifestyle and foods I thought about what images I love to see for Easter. I love the richness  and nobility of a Faberge Egg . I love dainty teas or coffee breaks with exquisite pastry. So using what I had on hand, marzipan, frozen cake, and edible colors from a cake decoration kit, I wanted to create exquisite edible gifts to celebrate this cleansing season.

I love marzipan. The sugary confection made with ground almonds, and sugar to form a rich dough. In the United States its a taste not for everyone. Marzipan has been a favorite for Europeans for centuries , saved the most special of occasions. Wedding  cakes are rolled in marzipan, as opposed to fondant. My favorite looking cake is the Princess Torte  rolled in pastel green marzipan. It’s only fitting the almond tree and fruit is a symbol of resurrection and life. The Tree being the first to flower in February, and its fruit representing life (the bitter with the addition of the sweet to transform).


Using a frozen cake layer I had on hand, some jam, and marzipan I went to work.

Cut and trim your cake into small rectangles. Slice it down to make thin layers. It’s always easier to use frozen cake.

Slather jam between layers. Or buttercream or citrus curd. Or why not a combo. The choice is yours.

Sandwich and cut even squares.


Brush your cake with melted jam, the buttercream, or corn syrup to create adhesion for marzipan. Brush whichever filling you are using.


Roll and wrap the marzipan carefully around your square. Marzipan is forgiving and you can easily mend any flaws. If the marzipan gets sticky lightly grease you hands with vegetable shortening. It takes practice and technique.

Medallion toppers

Decorate! I made edible medallions from fondant , cake decorating stamps, cutters, and edible metallic, and colors diluted with a touch of vodka to paint. Use your imagination. You can glue on the medallions with confectioners glue or corn syrup. Brush your finished creation with some luster.


Now go pour some tea to enjoy or box up these confections for a special gift.


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