Coco Questionnaire… Five Questions With Audarshia Townsend

Illustration Of Audarshia


In every city there is a trusted authority people seek for the latest in food, wine , and cocktail industry news. I’m fortunate I can count Chicago’s Audarshia Townsend as a friend.  Her following is huge on Social Media and she’s  the Chicago Travel Expert for She is also a features journalist covering food, cocktail, culture and travel. She knows everyone and chronicles her dining adventures on her Facebook Page 312 Dining Diva.

1)What’s  your favorite home cooked, comfort meal?
I love anything that’s hearty, with a lot of soul and love in it. Therefore, it’s hard to narrow down. I love anything my mom cooks because she’s a genius in the kitchen. To this day, I cannot duplicate her incredible buttermilk fried chicken or biscuits.


2) What’s your favorite Dining Out experience? 
My first dinner at Grace. It was so well orchestrated that it felt like a symphony and I truly felt like a VIP. 


3) What food, if any, would you refuse to eat?
As a food writer with an adventurous palate, there’s not too much I will turn down. But if it doesn’t look appetizing or doesn’t smell right, I’m not really trying to be bothered. 


4) What cocktail makes you cringe?
Overly sugary drinks, anything mixed with too many spirits, such as a Long Island Iced Tea.


5) Tell me your most memorable meal in the world that you have had , that changed or influenced you?

My first night in Paris. The meal wasn’t even fancy: We dined at a bistro on the Champs-Élysées . It felt magical and I was with the most amazing date in the world.


Thank You Audarshia for influencing many and myself  on the best dining trends Chicago has to offer.


 Aurdashia and I (2)