Odds and Ends…

I hate waste and relish creativity.These are some little condiments I’ve made with some leftovers, or produce that needed to be used immediately.By making these I’ve preserved some great flavors.
I bought a beautiful pineapple last week that has been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me. I didn’t feel I’d get around to it and the word chutney came to mind. Chutneys are great strong flavored relishes that can used as condiment with all sorts of meats and fishes. I chopped up the pineapple, some ginger,large bulbed green onion, red onion,curry,rice vinegar, red chili flakes, cayenne pepper, garlic, and raw sugar. I cooked it down until the liquid turned syrupy. The end result is a fantastic , if not really spicy condiment that I will pair with salmon, chicken, or just plain meatballs. That’s the beautiful thing about Chutneys, just throwing things together.
I had purchased some Meyer Lemons for a another recipe I had made. They are quite costly and I didn’t want to waste a drop. I peeled the zest and followed this recipe.I cant stop nibbling on these. In this bleak Chicago winter they are a burst of sunshine!
I felt it was shame to waste that nice sugar syrup that had been infused with the Meyer Lemon peels. I had some SENCE rose nectar in the fridge that I added it to, boiled it down more and Voila!I can imagine adding this to a Champagne cocktail, soaking a pound cake, and incorporating it any other dessert.The possibilities are endless. Rose and lemon are major components to Middle Eastern food.
So for not a lot of money, I have three great condiments to add to my pantry.