Certain Someone…Not A Guest Blogger

….Although he should be.Certain Someone was just to shy to blog today.To many times I think mates point out the negative more so than the positive. Its not that we don’t appreciate our mates. But when they get under our skin we tell we world .For the most part Certain Someone and I have a stable relationship. In May we celebrate our 2 year anniversary. While I don’t see a engagement ring eminently, he’s content enough for me to be his partner( Euro Style) until we reach the old age home.Needless to say that doesn’t sit well with a lot of ‘in -laws’ types.He knows my views and goals . My parents were divorced and at my age I haven’t rushed into marriage, so why now.So what does this have to about food. Everything! One of my biggest joys is cooking,and cooking for him when he’s home and our schedules permit. A lot of modern types don’t understand and think I pamper him a bit to much. But its a mutual pampering society because he does more for me than I will reveal in this blog. Lets just say he’s a patient , generous partner who has given me a enviable life.When the chips are down he’s there.Plus he supports my efforts in all I do. But does he cook you ask? Rarely, but when he does it pretty damn good with his limited repertoire.

The above picture was what he whipped Sunday. We were both totally zonked out. It was one of those weekends we lived in Pajamas.I didn’t even want to go to the store as we were both travelling in the week ( Canada for me, Sweden for him).Anyway he took these leftover ingredients and made us Pasta a la Certain Someone. I didn’t have to lift a finger.Thick Spaghetti,Heavy Cream, Tomato Paste, A few strips of bacon, Onion,secret spices and herbs( curry , chili pepper namely), a lone pork chop, sun dried tomatoes, and spinach!

All cooked down to hearty , tasty meal. He channeled his poor student days and came up with a pasta dish better than what we get in a lot of restaurants. So I going to to try to praise more and appraciate the small gestures as well as the grand.