Certain Someone…Guest Blogger Round Two

Certain Someone’s Spicy Noodle( noodles,green pepper,red pepper, jalapeno,leeks,carrots, and chicken with his secret marinade)

Yesterday my honey decided to cook for his possible future Baby’s Mama.No I’m not pregnant but it was Mothers Day! He got up early to start to prep for a feast later. Certain Someone had plotted out a nice spicy marinade for the chicken made with or finds from last week. The day turned out longer than I expected , but I made it home in time for him to get started. Now I get a little anxious when he starts puttering around in my kitchen ,like he gets anxious when I start messing with his complex entertainment/gaming center.Nevertheless I offered to assist by slicing and wasking the leeks. We disagreed on the best methods for this but I differed to him.I was impressed with his use of a paring device for paper thin carrot slices.I didn’t teach him that. At times I couldn’t help but offer some slight suggestions. This was the first time he used his WOK. I had done all the cooking in it. I cautioned him to heat it right before adding the oil. We knew he run into trouble with the addition of the noodles. They didn’t require cooking and were supposed to be tossed into soups or the WOK immediately. He had them soaking in water to loosen. The smells were fantastic but Certain Someone was disappointed that the noodle were sticky and starchy. They didn’t brown like he wanted them too. Nevertheless it tasted great and was quite filling. We had plenty of leftovers. I had awoke with a cold and decided to stay home. I took the fry pan out as I was ravenous and heated up his noodles with some oil. Can I just say they were even better the day after.I like it that Certain Someone is taking a slight interest in cooking with his busy schedule and I look forward to the expansion of his repertoire. Thank You honey for feeding your sick girlfriend. Kiss.