Some Variations on Toast Hawaii Before I Hop Across The Pond

Well folks I fly to London tomorrow with my generous Auntie Mame for a wedding. This trip is an early 40th birthday present and will be a chance for us to have some fun like the old days. My aunt and I have had some adventures in Costa Rica, Budapest, Vienna, Miami, New York. But with my lack of funds and Certain Someone on the scene, we haven’t had a good ‘girl ‘ trip in a while.Her associates are getting married and we will spend a day in half in London, and then move onto the village of Thame .Unfortunately I wont be meeting any bloggers due to time restraints. Would you believe I have three on my list!Not to worry because I know one at least is coming to Chicago shortly.And yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Blog Princess who was visiting Chicago.

So in my haste to get things done but take care of Certain Someone for dinner,I decided on one of his favorites,Toast Hawaii. I had blogged about this before.But this time I had made some variations. I was in a fish mood and he was in a ham mood. So I got to thinking about tuna melts. What if I used the cheese and pineapple principle of toast Hawaii with a shrimp salad? So I made up both versions.Rather buttering bread,I used mayonnaise.
Then topped with either ham or shrimp salad, then fresh pineapple rounds,and then a combo of both Muenster and Colby Cheeses. Certain Someone normally uses Gouda, but he liked this mix because the Muenster melted so well. He even liked the milder shrimp salad version.
The shrimp salad was made with some frozen shrimp thawed,Old Bay,a bit of minced celery, cayenne peeper, salt, and mayo.Use your favorite recipe for the shrimp salad.My honey had a massive appetite I hope he behaves while I’m gone and eats healthy.I hope to have some posts from my trip and I’ll stop by and visit you guys when I get back.