The Cake Diva Strikes Again…A Baby Shower Cake

I have been at my company for almost a decade. And lets just say its been an education. You know there are always go to people you can count on to help you get what you need.When an opportunity comes around just to say thanks,I seize it. Angela is that person. I remember first really noticing her when she came to my Mothers funeral. I was new and didn’t really know a lot of people at work well, but I remember that. She has helped me so much with IT issues,and order processing to meet event deadlines, etc., I am immensely grateful. So when it was announced that we would be giving her a surprise shower on her last day before maternity leave, I volunteered to do the cake at my expense. The cake took about 3 days in construction. The first day making the marzipan baby, bears and moon.
The second day making the cake layers , cooling, freezing, and wrapping, and the 3rd day,assembling the tiers, making both royal icings and crumb icings, rolling and coloring fondant, cutouts, making more figures, and any other last minute touches.

Not to mention making cookies for the favor bags. I have really come to love Dorie Greenspans Perfect Party Cake recipe which I used as a base.The filling was strawberry, and the icicng was Wilton recipe, as didnt want to risk real buttercream, and regfrigerate a fondant covered cake( moisiture build up). I really hope she likes it. Just a small way to say thank you.

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