Coconut Island Bread For A Great Cause

A while back while I was on vacation,I was approached by SunshineMom if I wouldn’t mind being tagged for the Breadline Africa Charity Project. All you know I am notorious for not following up with tags or memes. It’s not that I don’t appreciate or acknowledge them, It’s just catching up with all and trying to just keep up with the business/hobby of blogging. I feel this is an excellent way to redeem myself. I first heard of this charity from Jeanne.For more information on Breadline Africa click here. I realize we are all pretty much strapped and pressured this holiday season. And in the Food Blog world you will find a lot of appeals , some more established, and some new ones to raise awareness to world hunger.All are excellent and each and every donation is appreciated. Africa is particularly close to my heart , because I am of African origin. My father was Nigerian born. While my fathers family is considered pretty well off and prominent,I still consider my blessings on the advantage of being born here in the United States. There are just so many things we take advantage of here. Whereas in many parts in the continent of Africa , life is a daily struggle. So while I worry about my stack of bills, payments on the German luxury car, debts, mortgage,etc., some are worrying about where their next meal is coming from, medicines, and basic human rights. We all have our struggles , but put in a proper perspective we need to start counting our blessings and imagine how our lives would be in some truly trying conditions. Case in point, look at President Elect Barack Obama, and how the media pulls distant relations from Kenya out of the woodwork. They are quick to show the disparity between his upbringing and opportunity to his half siblings and cousins. A simple twist of fate determines so much.The African diaspora has always done what they can to support their brothers and sisters back home.You cant turn your back to it and yet unfortunately you can’t help everyone and solve all the world problems. But I believe in the small things and giving what you are able to. And giving can be done in so many ways…
“The Blogger Bake Off is an online campaign that challenges bloggers to get involved by baking bread, and then acting by donating to end poverty. And then, challenge their readers and five other bloggers to do the same. With the money raised, we will be supporting grass roots community projects aimed at ending poverty and hunger in Africa. We’ll be placing container kitchens, vegetable gardens and more in poor communities, sending emergency food relief where needed and helping these poor communities to help themselves.The rules for bloggers are outlined below:
If you are tagged, copy and paste the rules into your post.
Bake bread, do something you wouldn’t normally do, and blog about it. Upload your picture and recipe.
Give dough, donate to Breadline Africa and help us end poverty.
Tag five bloggers, and ping us so we know you’ve done so.
The person who raises the most funds will get to name a Breadline Africa community kitchen and win $500 Amazon Vouchers. There are also three minor prizes of $250 Amazon vouchers for people who receive the most votes in the following categories: Most Unusual Recipe; Most Nutritious Recipe and Most Traditional Recipe.”

I created this bread inspired by this recipe. I had been meaning to make it all year. Unfortunately I was out of coconut milk, but had coconut water. So I adapted it , changed it all around, and gave it more of Caribbean flair than South Pacific. I was out of coconut milk, but had coconut water and condensed milk. I was also out of milk, and had to use heavy cream.Coconut water is what you find inside the coconut. Coconut milk is just the water processed with coconut pulp to give it its creamy texture.I still wanted the milk and egg components in this slightly sweet dough. The sweetness comes in from the sauce tipping the dough is basted in while baking. Condensed milk, banana rum,nutmeg, cinnamon,and more coconut water. Time is challenging so I formed my dough and let it slow rise overnight in the refrigerator.The morning of baking , I took the dough out, formed the balls like the style of a monkey bread, and let rise at room temp until doubled again. The dough was a firm, almost rubbery dough in the fridge. But the results baked up beautifully with a wonderful sauce for drizzling. This bread brings a dose of sunshine .
Coconut Island Bread
4 cups all purpose flour
3 tsp fresh yeast
1/4 cup sugar
4 tablespoons melted butter and extra for greasing pan and dough balls.
1 egg beaten
1 cup heavy cream
1 11.8 fl oz can of Coconut water( half for bread, and remaining for topping).
topping sauce
Coconut water( remaining half)
1tbsp Banana Rum
1 can condensed milk
Warm the heavy cream slightly and dissolve 1 teaspoon of sugar and all of the yeast. Out aside and let start to foam. Sift flour,remaining sugar into bowl of stand mixer. Add melted butter, egg, and yeast cream mixture. Add the 1/2 cup of coconut water. Mix with a dough hook until dough forms a ball and all is Incorporated. Knead in stand mixer with dough hook for a few minutes.If dough is dry add the remaining proportion of allocated coconut water until it is moist, but not sticky. Butter a container with lid and place dough. Cover and allow the dough to rise in the refrigerator overnight or until double in bulk.
Mix the remaining coconut water and can of condensed milk with the banana rum. Set aside. Take the dough and form walnut size balls, Butter your baking dish and dip each dough ball in melted butter. Arrange the balls to cover the dish and put the extra balls on top.Sprinkle with nutmeg and cinnamon.Place in a warm place until double in bulk( about 2 hours) .
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour about 1/3 of the topping sauce on top of dough( or as much as dough can handle) Bake and check periodically. Continue to baste the bread with the remaining sauce until all is absorbed. May take about 3- 4 pours. Cook until deep golden brown approx 50 minutes or so depending on your oven. Let cool. There will be some liquid formed on the bottom. Cut pieces and drizzle the sauce over the bread.

I am also submitting this recipe for this months special Royal Food Joust. Its a special joust asking for Caribbean inspired recipes to showcase Cynthia Nelsons My Caribbean Cookbook. As its a crazy time for everyone, and many bloggers I know are over committed, I am asking for at least 5 of you readers to follow this lead and bake for Breadline Africa.If you read this but never comment, come out and bake along!As you bake your holiday creations, think of adapting your post to support to this cause and make a donation. Happy Holidays everyone. I will see you next year.
Please Make a Donation to Project Breadline Africa as I plan to do.