Dorie’s Cocoa Buttermilk Cake and some news

My Auntie Mame’s birthday was yesterday, and for the woman who has everything ,I made her a cake. Yes I knew she would protest( the woman lives in the gym and looks like an older Hallie Berry). But sometimes when shes she not shopping, travelling, working, or working out, she just needs to curl up in her fabulous condo overlooking the lake with a slice of rich chocolate cake, a good magazine , and some coffee.
I used my go to source, Baking:From My Home To Yours, by Dorie Greenspan. Funny, up to a year ago I didn’t even know of this woman, but I have been so pleased with all I bake from her book. Some people just have that gift of good recipe writing and making it easy. I followed the recipe exactly which you can find here. The only exception was the use of Cocoa. I used Hershey’s Special dark which gave it a deep rich chocolate color and flavor. I loved her Chocolate Malted Butter cream Frosting. I wondered if I messed up at first making the chocolate component but it all came together beautifully and sets beautifully in the refrigerator. Decorating was kept simple with white chocolate seas shells. I attempted to melt white chocolate in a double boiler. I got a semi melted crumbly mess. Nevertheless I pressed it into lightly a lightly oiled sea shell silicone tray. I then microwaved it for a brief 20 seconds. Be careful as it can burn easily. I always have issues with white chocolate. Nevertheless the crumbly , non perfect texture was perfect for the realistic seashells. I dusted them lightly with lustre and kept them in the fridge until ready. I assembled the two tires , frosted and adhered the shells. A little extra piping and voila!Off to aunties house it goes.
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