Leftovers Made Into Eggrolls

There is a lot of talk in these times about budgets with food and using what you have.A lot of people in the US tend to neglect their leftovers. We call ourselves putting it away in the freezer and forgetting about it until we come face to face and wonder what it was. With the economy as such a new focus is on getting all you can out what you have in your kitchen. Some peoples thoughts immediately think it will be a boring meal. Au contraire. The following is an example of what you can do with leftovers.

A while back I purchased some won ton wrappers which I never got around to using. Into the freezer they went. I had a whole side of chicken breast left over from that Lemon Grass Miso Spatchocked chicken I made here.
I cut up a few leaves of washed and dried Swiss Chard, chopped chicken , and a little Kim Chee sliced.
Take a beaten egg, and brush on edges of won ton wrapper. Place a bit of filling and roll your wrappers, being sure to tuck in you ends before you roll. Drop and fry in to hot vegetable or peanut oil until the skins are crisp. Serve with sweet chili sauce and cilantro garnish.
If you have leftover won ton skins, slice them and drop into hot oil. They make a great garnish for salad. Drain on paper towels and season with salt and Schezuan peppercorns ground.
More chicken breast with orange segments, shaved onion, romaine, and a dressing of honey, rice vinegar, and a bit of chili oil.
Now do you see the infinite possibilities of leftovers?