Marzipan Fruits You Can Make Yourself… Ideas For Giving

Assorted Marzipan Fruits ( Sugar Plums,lemons, bananas, oranges, limes,pears, strawberries)

I adore Marzipan. In Europe its used much more commonly than in the United States for cakes and sugar crafts decorations. Come Christmas one will see all sorts of marzipan fruits, pigs ( Glückschwein) for luck, and coco covered potatoes. While browsing through the store (World Market) I saw all sorts of pricey Marzipan offerings from Spain and Germany and “I said you know. I can make this myself!” I love working and shaping marzipan. I don’t know if any of you readers recall my holiday rabbit, which some people mistook for a rat ,for a Yule Log.

Its Not a Rat, It’s a Rabbit

So this year I am making less frightening Marzipan objects. Marzipan is essentially ground almonds and sugar and has a rich tradition dating back to Medieval Times starting in Persia and other Arabic cultures, then spreading to the Mediterranean and Europe. Manufacturers may add essences of Rosewater and highly guard their recipes and ratios. At one time Marzipan was associated with medicinal abilities, as only Pharmacists sold it and other high priced confections. Marzipan was mainly associated with Royal houses and the upper classes due to the high price of sugar. Today, Lübeck Germany is the leading center of Marzipan production where you can find 200 varieties of the delicacy.

If your looking for fun craft that the family can do , or just want to get creative buy a few bars of Marzipan. I found some decorative tins form the dollar store and sealed each Marzipan fruit in a individual plastic cookie bag. There is some debate on weather Marzipan should be refrigerated or not. It will turn hard over time and needs a cool dry place. I always take the safest route and refrigerate in a air tight container up to a month or so. These fruits would be beautiful displayed at your Holiday party, given as favors, or sent to someone far away to bring Christmas Cheer. You could even decorate a Christmas cake with these.

I used powdered food color and petal dust to get my effects. A little marzipan goes a long way. Two 4.9 oz bars of Schluckwerder bars (60% almonds) make more than two small tins of assorted fruits. Use cloves for realistic stems on oranges, strawberries , lemons, etc. Tint your marzipan, and finish with textures effects and brushed petal lustre, edible glitter . When you are done set your marzipan, as you would gum paste, on a rack over a steaming pot of water for a few seconds, rotating .The longer you steam ,the glossier it gets. Remove and let dry completely. If you don’t feel you have artistic abilities, roll little balls of Marzipan, infused with a little liqueur if you wish, and dust with coco powder to resemble potatoes.

Have fun with it and enjoy. Certain Someone loves his marzipan and its really the only sweet he loves besides chocolate.