It’s a Housewarming Party! Win A Set of Three Nordic Ware Bundt Pans.

Nothing breaks in a new home like the scents of homemade baked goods wafting from the kitchen. I wanted to go all out and do something really special for my readers to welcome them to my new home, I have always loved Nordic Ware , and if I could I would buy every pan. But then I don’t have the storage for that sort of collection. My favorite cookware store in the West Loop, that caters to professional Chefs, had Nordic Ware on clearance. Pans retailing usually in the neighborhood of $40 or more, were marked drastically down. I scooped them up for you! See , Nordic Ware is niche item that has many fans, especially among home bakers, but not necessarily in a restaurant supply type of store. They really are a work of art that one can get creative with . With this collection you can entertain in style throughout the seasons.

I am giving away an entire set of three Nordic Ware Bundt Pans , of approx $105 dollar value, to one reader , randomly selected. The set consists of :

  • Rose Bundt Pan

  • Holiday Wreath Bundt Pan

  • Festival Bundt Pan

Here are the Rules and Ways to Win:

  • Winner must reside in the United States or Canada ( shipping costs prohibit selection outside North America).
  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Increase your chances to win by becoming a Fan of  Coco Cooks Fan Page on Facebook, subscribing to Coco Cooks via email. The subscription button is on the left sidebar.There will be verification  of either option for eligibility.In your post comment please, let me know if you became a fan or subscribed , for verification purposes.
  • Contest will run from July 16 -July 23, 2010  12:00 pm CST.

So what are you waiting for!  Either become a Fan on Facebook, sign up for Coco Cooks in your in-box, leave a comment, or do a combo of all three!

Three ways to win a set of Three!

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55 thoughts on “It’s a Housewarming Party! Win A Set of Three Nordic Ware Bundt Pans.

  1. Janet

    I LOVE Nordic Ware! You can make such an elegant dessert with such ease- they look so professional, too! Yup, it’s feelin’ purdy homey over here!

  2. Natashya

    I love love love love Nordic ware. You are right, their pans are a work of art.
    Thanks so much for this give-away! I “like”d you on FB. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t already. Good timing!

  3. IslandEAT

    Coco, I am subscribing to double my chances – not to mention that you did a post on giardinara, which I recall from my time in Chicago, too!

  4. Tiffany

    I love these bundt pans. Every time I make one I think about My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “bonk, bunk”, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. Courtney

    Rosa , normally with books I will spend the money to send to Europe, Africa, etc. But the postage on this is to excessive. If you know anyone with a shipping adress in the US, who can bring it to you, that may work?

  6. Anne

    Oh MAN I wish I was in the US for this! I’ve always wanted to get a pan or two from NordicWare but am hesitant because of the price – which is even more here in Sweden.

  7. kayce.

    i *love* the new design, and kudos to making the step to owning your own domain…! p.s. can you send one of those delish martinis my way? 😉

  8. chris

    I actually want the drink! 😉 Is that bad since its not 11AM yet? Love the new look – very clean and fabulous colors!
    I really like that first Nordic…Makes a cake look beautiful. (already a fan on FB!)


  9. Marie

    Welcome to your new home Courtney! It looks all nice and comfy. I wish you many happy and sucessful years in your new diggs friend!

  10. Magpiesrecipes

    Lovely! I love Nordic ware bundt pans too and have had my eye on the rose and sunflower shaped pans. They are so great! I have mini ones and I don’t even have to flour them- just grease well with simple vegetable oil, use my spatula to gently unstick the cakes from the pan when done and they pop right off! Can never have too many cake pans!
    My blog is

    Just in case I dooo win ( keeping my fingers, toes & eyes crossed) do leave a comment on my blog to let me know as I check my blog more than I do my mail!

  11. Bree

    These are lovely pans, if I don’t win this set, I must purchase the christmas pan for my holiday baking. Lovely blog!!

  12. Sue

    These are great looking! My sister bakes great cakes for her kids birthdays, and I would love to share these with her. Thanks for great posts!

  13. leslie

    I face bboked you and subscribed, i love your site! Please put me in for the nordic ware. I love it!


  14. Kimmie

    Gorgeous pans!

    I’m so happy I found this site (thanks Afrobella)! I’ve already copied 2 recipes & posted them to my FB page lol. I will be trying them this week. The only problem is finding ground goat meat in Richmond VA lol.

    I’ve only recently begun my love affair w/food & cooking & I start my culinary certification classes next month. Can’t wait!

  15. Jamie

    Love the new design! Congrats! My son is redesigning mine now. I guess I also need to celebrate. These 3 pans are fabulous, just perfect for the passionate cake baker! I also already follow you on facebook and I am trying to sign up for e-mail alerts and will when it pops up…

  16. Donna C

    Gorgeous pans! I liked you on fb (donna alena) and subscribed via email (donna989!msn dot com)

    something frugal at yahoo dot com

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