Marzipan Eyeballs…Great Hallow Tweet Halloween Blog Hop

It’s that time of year again . Time for the Great Hallow Tweet. Now many of my faithful readers know that I like  to craft both the beautiful and macabre from edible sources. So naturally with Halloween coming up , why not some edible eyeballs amongst the pumpkins. I don’t have kids, but I think they will love this easy project. Serve them up on a bed of almonds for a homemade candy . You can make your own marzipan or buy it.  I find with most brands I like to add a bit of mine own flavor. Rather than knead color in , the colors are painted on. This a great gluten free, child friendly, no cook recipe project.

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Marzipan  Eye Balls

Things you will need:

  • Food Grade Color gels from Wilton or other sugar craft supply source (White, Blue, Black, and Red)
  • Good quality Marzipan. A little goes a long way.
  • 3-4 small brushes used only for cake decorating.
  •  A few tablespoons Clear Vanilla Extract or Vodka/Rum to dilute food color gel
  • Piping tip to make indentation.
  • Toothpicks  to remove color and drag paint veins in eyes.

*Normally I steam finish my marzipan’s to set the color,however as this is a child friendly recipe, you can skip this step.

How To:

  1.  Roll marzipan’s into round balls.
  2.  Take a piping tip and indent the shape of an Iris. This will help keep your colors in place and add depth.
  3.  Dilute your white food color gel with clear alcohol (vodka or clear extract)
  4.  Paint eyeball white with the exception of Iris.
  5.  Paint Iris color of choice.
  6. Paint Pupil Black.
  7. Taking a thin brush or toothpick dragged in red gel, paint on veins on the whites.
  8.   Lift with offset spatula and let set and dry.


Suggested Serving Ideas:

  • Boxed up for your  party guests
  • Cupcake or Cake toppers
  • On a tray of almonds


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16 thoughts on “Marzipan Eyeballs…Great Hallow Tweet Halloween Blog Hop

  1. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    They look so realistic! I have some eyeballs coming up on my blog later this week but nothing at all like these. These are a work of art! Gave you a well-deserved stumble for this one. I can’t wait to try these out… maybe next Halloween 🙂

  2. Bren

    The finished product is entirely too cute, I love them! If I were going home for the weekend I’d be sure to make these with my niece and nephew! They’d be so tickled!

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