Holiday Punch With Talenti Sorbetto…Sparkling Roman Raspberry Punch

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to create something special with the Talenti Sobetto and Gelatos I received a while back. Certain Someone and I have been enjoying this terrific product immensely since receiving them.

…perhaps many of your readers may be interested in a refreshing cold dessert that is free of dairy, but still decadent and delicious.Talenti Hill Country Peach Champagne Sorbetto is made with the purest of ingredients such as peaches, purified water, cane sugar, champagne, oranges, lemons and white wine. After which the Talenti family incorporates the gorgeous ingredients using the artisanal methods made famous in Italy. Talenti Peach Champagne Sorbetto has zero saturated fats, zero trans fats and is cholesterol-free.Talenti Hill Country Peach Champagne Sorbetto is wonderful for people with dairy sensitivities, because it is not made from dairy by-products of any-kind.  Talenti Sorbettos come in a variety of flavors and are sweeping the nation as one of the top luxury cold desserts of choice.

I received about thirteen gelatos and sorbets . The flavors are incredible.My favorite being the Dulce de Leche. But other than eating them , I brainstormed what more I could do with them. Talenti suggested the classic Bellini.


Talenti Bellini:

  • Talenti Sorbetto
  • Prosecco, Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • Champagne Flute

Directions:  Simply dollop a spoonful of your chosen flavor of Talenti Sorbetto into the bottom of a champagne flute and top off with chilled Prosecco, Champagne or Sparkling Wine.  Serve and Enjoy!


…But when the holidays come around I think of my mother. She was known for her punches. No holiday, birthday, or gathering wouldn’t be complete without a punch of hers. At her memorial service her good friend eulogized about Jackie and her punch bowl. It was beautiful. So inspired by her her, I give you Sparkling Roman Raspberry Punch made with Talenti Sorbetto. Plus the art of Punch seems to making a comeback.Happy Holidays!


Sparkling Roman Raspberry Punch

  • Roman Raspberry Talenti Sorbetto
  • 2 bottles Sparkling Apple Cider
  • 1 16oz bag of frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup good rum
  • 1 cup Cointreau

In a punch bowl place frozen raspberries. Add rum and Cointreau. Muddle. Add Sorbetto. Mash it up a bit. Add Sparkling Apple Cider. mix to dissolve the sorbetto. Serve.


*Roepke Public Relations contacted Coco Cooks and arranged for the delivery of Talenti samples. My opinions are given freely and are unbiased.

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