Senseo Stay or Go Single Serve Coffee Maker Giveaway

Happy New Year!

The madness of the holidays is almost over and many of us are about to turn over a new leaf in 2011. Maybe one of your resolutions was for more efficiency and less waste? Well then I have the Giveaway for you. The Senseo Stay or Go Personal Coffee Maker.

Confession: I have resisted the individual coffee makers and pods for a while. My first experience years ago didn’t leave a favorable impression. So I stuck to my old school methods of grinding my beans and brewing. With it just being Certain Someone and myself, that could lead to a lot of expensive wasted coffee. Then I was lucky to get a Senseo Stay or Go to try and I have used it daily for the past few weeks. So easy and convenient with no waste. I have very large mugs and like to make it strong with two Senseo pods. You can fit your travel mug or cup underneath. Ironically after receiving my Senseo from Hamilton Beach, I have been seeing everyone is on the Single Serve Coffee maker trend at all the houses I visited over the holidays. Most important was taste. Certain Someone and I cant agree on coffee and strengths,  but both of us are mutually pleased. He’s picky you know.Germans are the worlds biggest coffee drinkers , besides beer.

So to kick off 2011 I am giving away a Senseo Stay or Go Single Serve Coffee Maker which comes complete with an assortment of Senseo Coffee pods. Its going to be a week of Giveways to kick off the new year. All I need you to do is leave a comment here. If you join my Coco Cooks Fan Page or Tweet this, that counts as double vote. Please be sure to tell me you joined my Fan Page or tweeted in your comments. I will be picking the winner on Saturday , January 8, 2011.

I wish you health, happiness, joy, and prosperity in 2011.

*Coco Cooks received a Senseo Stay or Go Single Serve Coffee Maker from MWW Group for review and for a Giveaway.

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15 thoughts on “Senseo Stay or Go Single Serve Coffee Maker Giveaway

  1. Louise

    I’ve never been able to warm up to any kind of coffee machine with the exception of a good old fashioned percolator. Seriously, it’s still my favorite method of “brewing.”

    Thanks for sharing, Courtney!

    Wishing you and CS a Blessed, Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!!

    P.S. One of my resolutions is to make it to Chicago this year:)

  2. Pat R

    Since my husband and I are empty-nesters, a Senseo Stay or Go makes perfect SENSE to us.
    Happy New Year to all.

  3. @parmie

    Just tweeted this and am following you now! Will be gifting this to my Mr. who needs some caffeine as he works long hours and I never let him sleep enough! 🙂

  4. Carolina Epicurean

    We’ve been toying with the idea of pods and single-serve. I’ve Tweeted your post. Shall I give you my mailing address now? 🙂

  5. Henderson Honey

    Since only DH drinks coffee, it only makes sense to have a Senseo Stay or Go makes perfect sense for him.

  6. John Ariatti

    I was concerned that I couldn’t make coffee strong enough, but you took away that objection by letting us know you can use two pods. I posted you on Faceboook.

  7. Lynne Estes

    Love your website and thanks for the opportunity to win the Senseo! My fingers are crossed, and since I don’t tweet, will just have to hope the gods are with me on this one!

  8. Geoff - Single Serve Coffee HQ

    I’m in love with my SENSEO! Although I don’t really like the SENSEO brand pods, there are still tons of varieties from Melitta and others that work in my machine. Been going strong with it the last 4 years….mmmm…in the time it took to write this I’ve brewed myself another cup!

  9. Agil

    (Grocery) I have tried them all all the brands on Amazon, that is. Some have been less than tnlilrihg and some pretty good. The Senseo Espresso Coffee Pods are the best I have found. You can make a great cup of coffee I wouldn’t really call it espresso with the convenience of a pod. I read a tip somewhere on Amazon about wetting both sides of the pod and it was the best tip I got in 2008. The resulting coffee is rich and full flavored, without bitterness. I think I will stick with Senseo Espresso. I did not use the special espresso pod, just the usual one pod holder, and it worked fine.

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