Bertolli…Into the Heart of Chicago

It’s been a while since I posted . But I assure you I have been pursuing all things culinary and creative in my down time from Coco Cooks. My posts from my extensive travels the past month now are all up on Black Atlas. So come explore Vienna, Austria and Indianapolis, where I attended the Indy 500 , with me. Here is the link to all my videos and posts.Or check out my You Tube Channel.

Thankfully my good friend Marie over at Proud Italian Cook is looking out for me and making sure I take time and smell the roses. She was invited by the good people of Bertolli and the Zocalo Group to experience the best of Italian food in Chicago and asked them if I could come along. It was truly magical day with Marie and several other  fellow Chicago Food Bloggers. There was so much to capture, I thought a video would be the best format. Thank you Bertolli and Zocalo Group.

Here are the some of the fellow bloggers that participated:

Proud Italian Cook

Whats Cooking Chicago

He Sipped She Sipped

French Foodie Mom

Veggies Cakes and Cocktails

Rhymes with Spoon

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7 thoughts on “Bertolli…Into the Heart of Chicago

  1. bellini

    I knew that life still had to revolve around food in some shape or form Coco. I read about this over at Marie’s site. A fun event!

  2. Kelly

    I’m sad I missed this. I got the invite but had a friend’s birthday party the same day and couldn’t go. It looks amazing based on the photos.

  3. Vanessa @FrenchFoodieMom

    It was so fun to spend the day with you. I love the prosciutto pic! So funny that you went to the Indy 500. I just went to the Indy250 this weekend in Iowa! I hope to get to see you again soon. Sending you an email now on an unrelated topic.

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